Shano is not only booming unique and creative family business but its also a story about a dream, a dream of a young, motivated, hardworking classical pianist with a passion for music, design and fashion. Meet Renata the creative mind behind the brand SHANO. 


Born in 1992 and only 19 years old following her love for shoes, she started making her own shoes and this is how at 2011 SHANO was born. From the start, her handcrafted shoe designs won over many customers and grabbed the attention of fashion magazines like Harper's BAZAARCosmopolitanELLE, Story and many more.



The big success comes thanks to the innovative designs and incredible comfort of the shoes. SHANO shoes are extravagant with the perfect combination of many intriguing natural materials.  You can always recognise SHANO shoes thanks to the unique use of feathers, chains and bold leather choices. The above is what sets SHANO aside from all the competitors and made the brand build her own trends!​

For several years SHANO has become a favourite brand of thousands of people around Europe. The high-quality and unlimited warranty of the shoes gained customers of all ages. Each SHANO pair is created of high-quality Italian leather under the precise eyes of one of the best Bulgarian shoemakers. Some of SHANO's prestigious customers are singers, actors, fashion icons. 


From 2017 SHANO has been a registered trademark in Canada, and we are ready to take on the Canadian market by storm with our uncompromising quality, attractive shoe design and unbelievable comfort!


If you are a multi-brand store looking to add spice and colour to your shop or a creative person looking for collaboration, do not hesitate to drop us a line. Join our big bold and lovely SHANO family.



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SHANO Designer Shoes

The brand that makes your feet stand out, and your style noticed! We dare you to be different!