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Обувките Shano са изработени изцяло от естествени кожи.Лицевата част обикновено е от телешка кожа, а хастара е от свинска или агнешка кожа.

MIMM Summer Black

120,00 лв. Редовна цена
80,00 лв.Продажна цена
  • Hight of heel 9 cm

    Height from the fifth to the top 8 cm

    Weidth for the fingers - 10 cm                                                                                                                              































  • MIMM Summer Black is recreational footwear - designed to be worn during leisure times or while enjoying various recreational activities. The design and structure is tailored for indoor use or for undemanding and mild outdoor conditions. This type of footwear is not designed for sporting activities.

    Renne Black is made from 100% Natural Leather-most common and natural material offering ideal properties for shoe manufacturing. Leather is porous, soft, absorbent and to some extent can adapt to the individual shape of your foot. Leather is typical for its variable face pattern, which only enhances its natural

    characteristics and distinguishes it from synthetic materials. Leather is not entirely water resistant on the face surface (climatic conditions) or inside (perspiration). Therefore you must properly care for leather shoes.

    Nubuk, velur (suede) - is a leather grinded on its face or back surface. Use a rubber brush to clean this type of surface and products designed for suede materials. These products come in certain colour shades or may be colourless and will brighten the colour of your shoes. It is necessary to apply suitable impregnating lotion to this type of leather in order to increase water resistance. Never use cream for suede materials!

    When putting on your shoes, in particular shoes with an enclosed heel, use a shoehorn. When you take your shoes off, insert a tensioning device inside your shoes to maintain proper shape.

    Change shoes frequently, in particular when worn in humid environments (using the same shoes everyday is not recommended).

    After each use let shoes dry thoroughly (remove inserts as well) - even after short usage the inside of the shoe gets wet due to foot perspiration.

    Using wet or only partially dried shoes again may result in excessive wear and tear (mostly of linings and insoles).

    Impregnate your shoes before first use and apply suitable shoe products. Perform shoe care and maintenance as needed.

    No shoe is perfectly water resistant when used for an extended period of time. Suitable impregnating products only increase water

    resistance and resistance against rain or snow.

    Stuff newspaper inside soaked shoes and let dry naturally, not too close to heat sources.
    Deicing and aggressive chemicals used in winter to maintain roads have a very negative effect on shoe material structures. These aggressive chemicals damage the structure of materials and cause swelling and the appearance of typical white spots. Try to avoid contact
    with these types of chemicals. Remove residual snow or wet dirt from your shoes after use. Use shoe care products regularly. Properly treated shoes are more resistant to negative influences. Shoes damaged by these chemicals cannot be returned.
    All stitched and perforated joints (including stitching of the upper edge of the sole) break the integrity of materials and reduce resistance of the shoe against external moisture.
    Rich and dark shades of polished leather (for example red and dark blue) may discolour slightly.
    Materials inside your shoe may slightly leak colours; remember that especially when wearing trousers tucked into boots (this also applies to the upper rims of high boots).
    Shoes should never be washed manually or in a washing machine.
    Do not use paint thinners or similar solvents such as acetone or alcohol to care for your shoes.

    Wear of heel end depends on its size and area. Small heel ends (for example high heel shoes) must withstand large pressures and

    therefore, wear down quicker than a heal with a large area.

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